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Ceramic Coating is a must for your car! It consists of a clear liquid coating that offers the ultimate protection and gloss for your vehicles paint. Our Ceramic Coating lasts up to 5 years. Once the ceramic is cured, the coating provides a durable glass-like shield protecting from swirls, water spots, contamination, with a extreme water repellent.

3-5yr CarproOfficial Ceramic coating Protection:

• Exterior body ceramic coating installation(full body, trims/plastics)

Ceramic coating extras:

• Full wheel package coating

• Full glass/windows coating

• Full interior leather coating


detailing services

  • Exterior detail:
    • Full Exterior detailed hand wash/plastics, trims
    • Wheel and Tire deep cleaning/Shine
    • Ceramic wax wash
    • Glass cleaning
    • Headlight restoration
    Interior detail:
    • Inclusive Vacuum Cleaning
    • Carpets & Seats cleaning(removal of noticeable stains)
    Leather & Plastics(doors, dash center consoles etc.) cleaning/protection
    • Glass wipe down
  • More interior:
    • Carpet shampoo cleaning
    • Seats shampoo cleaning
    • Leather conditioning
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